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  • KSW® Instant Electric Drinking Water Boiler is suitable for house kitchen and small tea room in the office. It would be better to install the Instant Electric Drinking Water Boiler against a wall and above a sink. Perfectly match your undersink water purifier.

  • The KSW® Countertop Drinking Water Boiler is a great choice for big team room in the commercial building where many people consuming a lot of hot drinking water. Super large capacity hot tank and high power heating element all are made of stainless steel.

  • KSW® Hydrogen Water Maker Bottle is a sort of device which can make dissolved hydrogen and put into water for long time, providing rich hydrogen water for people to drink. Infusing any drinkable water with dissolved hydrogen will help our bodies fight harmful free radicals, prevent oxidative stress, and protect against illness and disease.

  • KSW® Drinking hydrogen-rich water from Portable Hydrogen Water Maker Bottle, people can infuse molecular hydrogen into blood and eventually spread throughout the body. Hydrogen can help the body neutralize Reactive oxygen species (ROS) and improve the health.

  • KSW® Hydrogen-rich water produced by our Saturated Hydrogen Water Dispenser is anti-oxidant water with healing effects. Hydrogen is the smallest and lightest molecule in the universe with strong permeability and diffusivity. Hydrogen triggers antioxidant enzymes to protect against damaged proteins in the body.

  • We KSW® utilize the newest water electrolysis technology of SPE (solid polymer electrolyte) in the Countertop Hydrogen Water Dispenser. Molecular hydrogen is dissolable approximately 2.0 mg per liter in water. Taking hydrogen into our bodies, hydrogen functions as an antioxidant, helping to prevent cell damage and inflammation, protect DNA and combat out-of-control cell growth.