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  • KSW® Ground Mounting Public Drinking Water Fountain and all the products are 100% tested to ensure their functionality, reliability, security and durability before shipment. To ensure quality, There are many QC members carrying out strict inspection in the drinking water fountain factory.

  • KSW® Ground Mounting Drinking Water Fountain is a perfect solution for any application including schools, office buildings, medical facilities and other high-trafic venues. It's complete stainless steel constructed and very durable.

  • KSW® Remote Type or Undersink Water Chiller works great with any drinking water fountain which doesn't have the chilling function. Enough cold water gives you a pleasant mood on a hot day. Full stainless steel construction makes it very strong and reliable.

  • It is simple to install the KSW® Stainless Steel Residential Undersink Water Chiller beneath the sink. Works great with your water purifier system such as reverse osmosis filter. Hooks up to your current water purifier faucet.

  • KSW® Stainless Steel High Capacity Cold Water Cooler is the smartest choice for a public place with large flow of people. Large size water cooler has large space inside for Compressor cooling system and all kinds of water purifier system such us high capacity reverse osmosis filtration.

  • The KSW® Super High Capacity Public Cold Water Cooler is a perfect addition to any environment with high demand for cold drinking water, such as large offices, trafic stations and cafeterias. There is a lot of satisfaction you can drink cold water as much as you wish on every hot day. Choose this Super High Capacity Public Cold Water Cooler with confidence.