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The basic function of water dispenser


The basic function of Drinking Water Fountain

Proper use of the water dispenser can ensure its normal operation, and at the same time ensure the hygiene and safety of drinking water. Here are some considerations for using a water dispenser:

1. Installation: When installing the water dispenser, it is necessary to choose a stable and ventilated place, and ensure that the water dispenser is properly connected to the power supply and tap water pipes.

2. Maintenance: Clean the water dispenser regularly. During the cleaning process, you need to use a neutral detergent. Avoid using acidic or alkaline detergents to avoid damage to the water dispenser.

3. Replace the filter element: The filter element of the Drinking Water Fountain needs to be replaced regularly, generally every 3-6 months.

4. Drinking water: The water provided by the water dispenser is treated tap water, which can be drunk directly under normal circumstances. However, during use, it is necessary to pay attention to replacing the bucket or cleaning the water tank in time to avoid water pollution.

5. Keep it clean: When using the water dispenser, you need to keep your hands clean and avoid touching the water outlet or button of the water dispenser with your hands, so as not to pollute the drinking water.

In short, the correct use of Drinking Water Fountain can ensure the hygiene and safety of drinking water, and at the same time prolong the service life of water dispensers.