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What is POU water dispenser?


Terminal water purifier (Point-of-Use). At present, there are many kinds of water purification equipment on the market. The mainstream products are POE and POU. POE is the water treatment equipment for the main pipeline of the household, and POU is the water treatment equipment for a water point. For example, the central water purifier, central water softener, and central pre-filter we are talking about belong to POE, and like Aihuipu water purifiers, reverse osmosis pure water machines belong to POU water dispensers.

POU water dispenser

POU water dispensers are mainly water purification equipment installed in the living room, study, etc. (replacing bottled water), usually with a built-in pure water machine in the equipment. Therefore, the replacement cycle of various filter elements is the same as that of  POU water dispenser

summarized as follows

The best reference for the replacement cycle of all filter elements and the setting of related equipment operating procedures is the actual local statistical data.

Therefore, when purchasing water purification equipment, it is necessary to know whether the service provider is professional? Have you worked long enough? Are there related cases nearby for you to investigate?

If you are satisfied with the above three points, then the later service is basically reliable, and he will be able to provide professional after-sales protection for your equipment.

What is certain is that the actual situation is very different, and only professional ability is the key to solving the problem.

In other words, what POU water dispenser you buy is not only the equipment itself, but also the professional after-sales capabilities of the service provider!