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How does a straight drink machine produce clean water?

The body is 70% water. It is obvious that water is closely related to our health. But "water pollution" has become the most important environmental problem in China. The safety of people's drinking water cannot be guaranteed, so direct drinking water purification devices for home use appear on the market. The ordinary water fountain that everyone used before can't meet people's needs, resulting in safer, healthier straight water fountains. Today I'm going to take you through this straight water dispenser and how it works.

1 What is a straight water cooler
As the name suggests, straight water dispensers actually purify water, making it safe to drink water purifier equipment. It is a multistage purification of household appliances, so that household tap water to achieve the effect of straight drink. The water purifier products can prepare or supply warm, hot and cold water equipment, and can be well suited to meet People's Daily needs such as drinking water, brewing tea, brewing coffee, ready-to-eat food and conditioning cold drinks.

2. Working principle of drinking water
The physical process of making water exerts a certain pressure on the raw water to push the ionic water molecules and mineral elements through the reverse osmosis membrane, because the pore size of the reverse osmosis membrane is much smaller than that of the reverse osmosis membrane. Viruses and bacteria in diameter, even their percentage or even one thousandth, dissolved in the water of harmful substances (such as heavy metals, bacteria, viruses, solid soluble and contaminated organic matter) are captured and removed in order to purify drinking water. The direct drinking machine is very convenient to use: as long as the direct drinking machine is connected to the water network, it can continuously produce healthy and safe drinking water.