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What's the difference between a straight drink machine and a water purifier?

What's the difference between a straight drink machine and a water purifier?

1. Different meanings

A direct drinking machine is an appliance that can purify municipal tap water into direct drinking water, or at the same time heat, cool and distribute the purified water by consuming electric energy.

Pure water machine is a kind of water purification equipment using multistage filter element for water purification treatment. It uses filtration, adsorption, reverse osmosis and other physical methods without adding chemical substances. According to the precision of pure water purification machine can be divided into living drinking pure water machine, also called household pure water machine and can meet the requirements of laboratory pure water quality laboratory pure water machine two categories.

Two, the advantages are different

The water in the water dispenser is purified to meet the standard of direct drinking water. Such as the United States Runsuo straight water dispenser, using reverse osmosis low pressure RO membrane filtration treatment, after treatment of purified water is fresher than bottled water, safer, more health, this is also one of the benefits of straight water dispenser. Direct water dispenser has strong water supply capacity, want to drink hot water and warm water, as long as the temperature is enough, you can drink at any time, simple and convenient. When the water dispenser encounters leakage and other dangerous situations, it will automatically power off, making it safer to use.