Countertop Hydrogen Water Dispenser
  • Countertop Hydrogen Water DispenserCountertop Hydrogen Water Dispenser

Countertop Hydrogen Water Dispenser

We KSW® utilize the newest water electrolysis technology of SPE (solid polymer electrolyte) in the Countertop Hydrogen Water Dispenser. Molecular hydrogen is dissolable approximately 2.0 mg per liter in water. Taking hydrogen into our bodies, hydrogen functions as an antioxidant, helping to prevent cell damage and inflammation, protect DNA and combat out-of-control cell growth.

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Product Description

In our Countertop Hydrogen Water Dispenser molecular hydrogen is dissolved maximally in the water during electrolysis. Hydrogen concentration is up to 2.0 ppm. Hydrogen is a strong antioxidant with high reduction potential to neutralize and prevent the harmful oxidative effects of free radicals.

KSW® Countertop Hydrogen Water Dispenser Features

Utilize Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) to separate oxygen away from hydrogen
Hydrogen concentration is up to 2.0 PPM, stable and long duration
Hydrogen water is heated to 37 Celsius degree which is warm and good to drink at all seasons
Newest SPE electrolysis technology
No change to PH of drinking water
Water monitoring and alarm against lack of water
Stainless steel frame and housing, firm and durable

KSW® Countertop Hydrogen Water Dispenser Technical data

Model NO. KSW-236A
Electrical supply: Either AC220 or AC110V
Capacity: 30 L/h
Hydrogen generator: SPE electrolyzer
Rated power: 850 W
Heater power: 800 W
Hydrogen concentration: 1600~2000 ppb
Water temperature: 30~40℃
Dimension: 35x27x53 cm
Weight 9 kg

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